Summertime Meditation Evenings

Mondays at the Santa Rosa Zendo

May 6 Reverend Chris Bell
May 13 Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
May 20 Meditation Instructor, Deanna Hopper
May 27 Memorial Day Closed
June 3 Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
June 10 Reverend Chris Bell
June 17 Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
June 24 Meditation Instructor, Gary Brandt
July 1 Meditation Instructor, Deanna Hopper
July 8 Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
July 15 Sensei, Michelle Brandt
July 22 Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
July 29 Reverend Chris Bell
August 5 Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
August 12 Sensei, Michelle Brandt
August 19 Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
August 26 Meditation Instructor, Deanna Hopper

Monday Nights in Santa Rosa

Feb 4 Rev. Chris Bell, Head of Practice
Feb 11 Rachel Mansfield-Howlett Roshi
Feb 18 Gary Brandt, Meditation Instructor
Feb 25 Deanna Hopper, Meditation Instructor

Mar 4 Rachel Mansfield-Howlett Roshi
Mar 11 Michelle Brandt Sensei
Mar 18 Rev. Chris Bell, Head of Practice
Mar 25 Rachel Mansfield-Howlett Roshi

Apr 1 April Fools’ Day Rev. Chris Bell, Head of Practice
Apr 8 Rachel Mansfield-Howlett Roshi
Apr 15 Deanna Hopper, Meditation Instructor
Apr 22 Earth Day Rachel Mansfield-Howlett Roshi 
Apr 29 Michelle Brandt Sensei

Fall Schedule for Monday Night Talks in Santa Rosa

Sept 3 Closed for Labor Day weekend
Sept 10 Rachel Mansifeld-Howlett Roshi
Sept 17 Rev. Christopher Bell, Head of Practice
Sept 24 Rachel Mansifeld-Howlett Roshi on Turning the Light Inward

1 Michelle Brandt Sensei
8 Closed for Sesshin
15 Rev. Christopher Bell
22 Rachel Mansifeld-Howlett Roshi
29 Deanna Hopper, Meditation Instructor

5 Michelle Brandt Sensei
12 Rev. Christopher Bell, Head of Practice
19 Rachel Mansifeld-Howlett Roshi on Gratitude
Nov 26 Closed

3 Deanna Hopper, Meditation Instructor
10 Rachel Mansifeld-Howlett Roshi on The Buddha Story
24 Closed for Christmas Eve
31 Closed for New Year’s Eve


Summer Calendar

St. Dorothy's Rest Spring Sesshin morning
June 4  Rev. Chris Bell
June 11 Deanna Hopper
June 18  Rachel Mansfield-Howlett, Roshi
June 25 Linda Proulx

July 2 Gary Brandt
July 9  Michelle Brandt, Sensei
July 16 Deanna Hopper
July 23 Rachel Mansfield-Howlett, Roshi
July 30 Rev. Chris Bell

Aug 6   Deanna Hopper
Aug 13  Rachel Mansfield-Howlett, Roshi
Aug 20  Rev. Chris Bell
Aug 27  Michelle Brandt, Sensei
Chris Bell, Vikki Kath, Bill Krumbein
St. Dot's forest morning light
Spring Sesshin altar

2018 Spring Calendar

Join us for Monday night meditation at the Glaser Center in downtown Santa Rosa, CA. The evening consists of two periods of silent meditation, interspersed with walking meditation, followed by tea, dharma talk, discussion and a short sutra service. 

Meditation refreshes our spirit and reminds us that we are not alone.

No prior meditation experience necessary.
6:45pm – 8:30ish Contact: for more information


5 – Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
12 – Rev. Chris Bell
19 – Sensei, Michelle Brandt
26 – Deanna Hopper


5 – Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
12 – Rev. Chris Bell
19 – Sensei, Michelle Brandt
26 – Deanna Hopper


2 – Linda Proulx
8 – Buddha’s Birthday – rsvp for details
9 – Rev. Chris Bell
16 – Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
23 – Deanna Hopper
30 – Sensei, Michelle Brandt


7 – Roshi, Rachel Mansfield-Howlett
14 – Deanna Hopper
21 – 7-day Sesshin – rsvp for details
28 – Rev. Chris Bell