(VOLUNTARY Contribution to the Teaching)

Dana is a voluntary form of contribution that supports the teaching. Our program fees do not include any compensation for our teachers, we depend solely upon your generous offering.

In the Mahayana, dana is considered one of the 6 perfections (in Sanskrit, pāramitās) that help us cross over from the sea of suffering (samsara) to the shore of awakening (nirvana). The perfections are virtuous practices for attending to the wellbeing of others and for awakening to our true nature.

Dana is the perfection of generosity, a sincere desire to benefit others without expectation of recognition or reward
Sila is the perfection of integrity and self-discipline
Kisanti is the perfection of patience, endurance, and forbearance
Virya is the perfection of diligence, vigor, and enthusiasm
Dhyana is the perfection of contemplation, meditation, and concentration
Prajna is the perfection of wisdom and intimate realization of sunyata, or emptiness

If you wish to make a donation please make your check out to CityZen and mail to:
CityZen 510 Spencer Ave. Santa Rosa CA 95404