In-person sittings with hybrid Zoom have begun in Santa Rosa!

We're very excited to announce that after an over 3-year hiatus we've resumed in-person sitting on some Monday nights in Santa Rosa and the balance of the time we'll continue to hold our meetings via Zoom. Our goal is to offer 2 in-person and 2 Zoom evenings per month. It's a beautiful space and we're very grateful for this opportunity for the renewal of our sangha in a physical location.

If you have friends you would like to invite to join us please ask them to email for details about the location,

Our Zoom evenings are and will continue to be very important to us—we will absolutely continue to offer our meditation evenings in this format. Over the Zoom years we’ve been able to include some folks who don’t live in the area or have mobility issues, which has enriched our sangha immeasurably. We will continue to offer a full evening program via Zoom.

If you would like to join the list group and receive our notices, the links to Zoom and other practice opportunities please email

If you live in Fort Bragg CA or the Portland OR area, please go to the teacher page for more information about the programs held there.